Are your Lips Sealed?

Updated: Aug 27

Our face and smile are a reflection of our inner self. We are hard wired to react emotionally to faces, on a very deep level. In this blog post, I’d like to discuss the impact myofunctional therapy has on affecting the appearance of faces by improving muscle tone and function.

Although myofunctional therapy does not alter the forehead or nose, it can have an effect on the muscles of the face, mouth and neck. Improving muscle tone and function of the approximately 57 muscles of the face and neck result in a well-balanced harmonious profile. A key principle of myofunctional therapy is helping clients learn to keep their lips together while breathing, chewing food, or when relaxing. If the lips are open at rest, (due to lack of muscle strength, or blocked nasal passages) then the tongue lies on the floor of the mouth, and the muscle balance between the tongue and the lips/cheeks are not in harmony. Over time, this may cause the jaws to narrow and teeth to become crowded. If you are considering braces, this is a habit you may want to change to prevent failure of orthodontic treatment.

The Mini Myo program is an early intervention program for ages 3-4. It’s never too young to start teaching children good oral rest posture. The tongue rests on the roof of the mouth, lips are together and we breathe through the nose at all times. Snoring and restless sleep in a child is not normal. If your child has a problem with drooling after the age of 2 years old, has chapped lips and is a mouth breather, myofunctional therapy can help. Your child may be lacking strong lips in order to make a lip seal, due to chronic mouth breathing. Oral habits (thumb, finger sucking, etc.…) will change swallow patterns and muscle function. I work with children to eliminate these habits.

Helping clients achieve a well-balanced facial profile is one of the goals of my program. My ultimate goal is to provide you with the resources and care that treat the WHOLE person. Let me know how I can help find the solutions for you, or your child, that lead to health and wellness for life.

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