myofunctional therapy
A Look at Various Types of Facial Therapy

Myofunctional therapy is a type of facial therapy that:

  • Determines the cause of negative oral and facial habits

  • Identifies muscle imbalances of the face and mouth

  • Strengthens weak muscles through exercises

  • Eliminates habits that caused the muscle imbalances

  • Re-programs the brain and muscles to work together properly

  • Results in a more balanced facial profile

  • Improves facial muscle function, facial tone and overall health


As a registered dental hygienist specializing in myofunctional therapy, much of my practice involves education. Many people don’t realize they have oral and facial habits that negatively impact their dental and overall health. My goal is to identify these habits, determine what is causing the habit, educate my patients on the importance of correct facial and mouth function, and develop a customized treatment plan to correct the problem.

myofunctional theapy

The types of facial therapy we use will depend on your specific needs and goals. Positive outcomes that result from the surprisingly simple exercises myofunctional therapy teaches include:

  • Improved speech clarity

  • Perfect eating and drinking habits

  • Reduction of sleep apnea symptoms including snoring

  • Increased athletic performance with improved breathing

  • Stabilized orthodontic treatment

  • Good oral health for life

  • Relief of headaches, TMJ, neck and shoulder pain

  • Improved digestion

  • Enhanced facial tone

  • Perfect posture

  • Elimination of tongue thrust, thumb sucking and nail biting habits


All of this is accomplished through a process that is drug free, pain-free, easy to learn and easy to practice. Commitment and follow through are essential to successful treatment outcomes. As your myofunctional therapist, I will provide positive support and encouragement throughout the program.

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