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Anyone with Crooked Teeth Deserves a Myofunctional Assessment 

To get straight teeth and a confident smile you need braces, but​

there's a've been down this road before. You've already had braces and your teeth are crooked again. You've invested thousands of dollars and are concerned about making this financial commitment for the second or third time.  You ask the question, "When will my teeth stay straight after braces?" 


Everyone deserves a lasting smile they're proud of, which is why I believe every person with crooked teeth deserves a

myofunctional assessment.  At Balanced Faces, I specialize in balancing the  muscles of the mouth and face. When the muscles are balanced and working together in harmony, teeth remain straight. 


With a personalized, myofunctional assessment, you'll discover if  your lips, tongue, cheeks, or jaw muscles are contributing to

crooked teeth. 

​Ready to get started with your "Smile Goals"? 


Customized Therapy That
Gets You Results

Therapy programs are customized to your unique needs, so you achieve lasting results and a beautiful smile for life!


Together, we'll customize a therapy program that will prevent:

  • the costly cycle of braces, again and again

  • teeth that aren't straight...ever

  • uncomfortable visits in the orthodontic chair

  • wasted time and energy, never getting that perfect smile

​All of this is accomplished through a process that is drug free, pain-free, easy to learn and easy to practice. Commitment and follow through are essential to successful treatment outcomes. As your myofunctional therapist, I will provide positive support and encouragement throughout the program.

Therapy is offered to adults online and in-person (Roseville, Sacramento, CA area). 

Ready to take the next step?

How Myofunctional Therapy Can Help

Myofunctional therapy addresses a number of issues.  Therapy programs are designed to:


the habit called
“tongue thrust”


proper breathing through the nose rather than the mouth



teeth grinding and clenching and the resultant pain from TMJ and related conditions


the posture of the head and neck


sleep apnea therapy


straight teeth after braces - for life!


Shelly Azevedo BSDH, MS, AOMT-C
Certified Myofunctional Therapist


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