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Tongue Thrust Therapy
 A Commonsense Approach in Treating this Stubborn Habit
Tongue Thrust

Straight teeth and a nice smile are important, however if the tongue is pushing forward against the teeth during swallowing, there's a problem. We call this a "tongue thrust" habit. 

During a personalized assessment we assess for a tongue thrust swallow habit. If this habit isn't eliminated, there's no

guarantee the teeth will remain straight once the braces are removed. 

What does this look like for you?

  • More office visits while managing busy schedules

  • Wearing uncomfortable appliances to help keep the tongue from pushing against the teeth

  • No guarantee your teeth will remain straight, even while wearing retainers

  • Retainers breaking due to the strong pressure of the tongue pressing against the teeth

  • Spaces and gaps opening between the teeth and braces again

  • Additional cost $$$


A customized myofunctional therapy program addresses the tongue thrusting habit by getting to the root cause. With exercises designed specifically for you, we work together to correct this habit, so that your time in braces is as easy as possible. 

Are you ready to achieve lasting results and a beautiful smile for life? 

Correct the tongue thrust habit by taking the next step...


Shelly Azevedo BSDH, MS, AOMT-C
Certified Myofunctional Therapist

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