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Treatment Programs That Improve Facial Balance & Overall Health

What is myofunctional therapy?

Who needs it?

Welcome to Balanced Faces

Your smile is unique. Your care should be as well. 

I specialize in treating clients who have experienced braces multiple times...with no success. 

My specialty is working with adults who haven't had successful outcomes with braces. No one should have to go through multiple rounds of braces, again and again. 

Adding  a myofunctional therapist to your "Smile Team" will get you the results you've always wanted...straight teeth and a beautiful smile for life! 

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Discover Therapy Programs That Make
This Round of Braces Your Last
  Determine the root cause of crooked teeth. 

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About Me

Tongue thrusting habits?

Other mouth habits or concerns?

Keep reading – you’re in the right place.

Hi, I’m Shelly…

A certified myofunctional therapist that helps clients with tongue thrusting habits and improper muscle function of the face and mouth, the root cause of crooked teeth.

My unique approach to therapy is centered around the latest research and practices in the myofunctional field. The results are a customized treatment program that will keep your teeth straight, after braces, for good!

Connecting with clients and building relationships are the cornerstone of my practice. I understand the issues clients are going through, as I have experienced  them myself. This helps me to relate, motivate and encourage clients to be the best version of themselves. Beautiful, healthy smiles for life are the goal! 

In my spare time I enjoy hiking, biking and the outdoors.


My husband and I love to travel. The experience of making new friends and experiencing different cultures, inspires me to continue learning about our world. Our favorite place to visit...anywhere with a warm, sunny beach! 

I'm located in Roseville, California, serving the greater Sacramento area.

I didn’t realize the genius of these exercises until the end. Thank you, Shelly, for your guidance and support. This has been truly life-changing for me!

J. Yugin


Shelly Azevedo, BSDH, MS, AOMT- C 
Certified Myofunctional Therapist


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